How To Backpedal With Proper Technique

1/26/21 - Eric Colonna

Backpedaling is an art that doesn’t come to everyone easy. It must be repped many times before feeling smooth and comfortable. If you’re playing off coverage or you’re a deep defender, this is when you’ll use your back pedal. The better you get at it, the longer you can stay in your pedal while keeping your leverage, and you’ll get sharper breaks coming out of it. Here is how to do it…

Let’s start at the feet and work our way up. We’ll get into the exact stance in a later post but for now, just keep your feet about shoulder width apart with one foot slightly behind the other. Make sure you’re low by touching the ground. This is a great habit to get into and use every time you lineup for a drill or when competing. Make sure your first step is going backwards with your off foot. You don’t want to false step by stepping forwards first to push off. Have enough of your weight on your front foot so you can efficiently push off of it coming out of your stance.

Make sure you’re staying on the balls of your feet and not coming onto your heels. Getting on your heels will only get you off balance and take longer when coming out of a break. But when you’re on the balls of our feet, you’re ready to explode. Also, keep your feet narrow and you will stay balanced. Don’t forget that your feet need to stay low to the ground, in order to break quickly whenever it is time too. I recommend having the balls of your feet skimming the ground the whole time. If your feet get too high off the ground, it will slow you down.

Moving up the body, your legs should have a slight bend to them but not too deep in a squat. If you get too low, you will be activating your legs much more. Although this sound’s good in theory, when you’re playing a game for four quarters, you have to take the fatigue factor in account.

In the upper body, be sure to keep a bend and stay low. Have your weight over your toes. Act as if you are hiding the numbers on your jersey from your opponent. If you’re low, you will be significantly faster changing direction compared to someone pedaling from high up in more of a standing position.

The last major point to note is to pump your arms. Don’t keep them still and don’t pump them up and down but have them moving in short forward and back movements as if you were running forwards. But we’ll get more into that later. For now, subscribe and follow, because we got a long and bright journey ahead of us.