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"Last season I suffered from a few injuries, including an AC joint sprain. It bothered me throughout the season and kept me from getting on the field at times. I thought it would go away in the offseason but months later, I still had that nagging pain.
In a workout with Coach Colonna, he took me through the Shoulders Bulletproof Benchmarks and immediately identified my weaknesses. As an athlete who can bench over 315 and squat over 500 pounds, I was humbled when I couldn’t lift 2.5 lbs for reps in a couple of the benchmarks. Since that day in March, I’ve been on the Bulletproof Shoulders program and my mobility and strength is at an all time high.
This season, I carried the ball over 150 times, led the country in rushing yards and yards per game, and I didn’t get hurt once. I was named the best RB in Canada and I wouldn’t have been able to if I didn’t bulletproof my shoulders. Life changing results.."

Jared Chisari, #1 Running Back in Canada

If You Don't Like Getting


Get the #1 Injury Prevention Program in the world.

This system was crafted with a deep understanding of athletic needs, science-backed injury prevention strategies, and unconventional exercises to help athletes stay pain and injury free.

  • Whats included in The Course?
    Injury Prevention Course: Our course is a masterclass for injury prevention. The 5 modules span over 3 hours of video describing: 12 Reasons Why Injuries Happen 10 Components of Injury Prevention 10 Healthy Living Tips Safe Sport and Contact Mentality of an Injury. Plus you’ll learn a ton explain in the 400+ exercise demonstration videos
  • What are the Bulletproof Benchmarks?
    Our “Bulletproof Benchmarks” are essential standards categorized by body parts. They are numerical targets that you should strive to achieve for the best chances of not getting injured. Falling short of these benchmarks indicates underdevelopment in specific body parts or ranges of motion, placing you at a higher risk of injury. Surprisingly, many athletes unknowingly cant reach benchmarks in 3, 4, or even more body parts. This is the main reason that you’ll get hurt. Addressing these gaps is crucial in preventing injuries. Achieve these numerical targets, and watch your problems and pain go away.
  • Cancellation?
    You are able to cancel and restart your subscription at any time. Upon cancellation, you’ll still have access to the platform for the remainder of your payment period (month). Athletes in the past have completed a program, cancelled their membership, and then subscribed again to complete another program. If you complete a program and decide to cancel, make sure you always test well in the Bulletproof Benchmarks and Mobility Screening for the best chances of staying healthy.
  • Will this help improve my mobility?
    Absolutely, each program will improve your mobility through specialized training methods. We focus on utilizing full ranges and building strength at length. You’ll get stronger in elongated positions which is essential for the health of an athlete. If your current plan is stretching for 10 minutes a day … you’ll never get the results you need. We’ll also teach you different stretching methods that are guaranteed to make you more flexible. For example, sometimes you’ll use weight to sink deeper in a stretch while developing strength. These bonus routines are included: -Full Body Mobility -Upper Body Mobility -Mid Section Mobility -Linear Flexibility - Lower Body -Lateral Flexibility - Lower Body
  • I'm already on a program, can I still do this? & How long do workouts take?
    Certainly! Each of the individual sections are structured to be performed 2-3 times per week, requiring just about 15 minutes of work. These are designed to easily be added to your existing workout routine. As for the more extensive programs (Full Body Bulletproofing, Upper Body Only, Lower Body Only, Bulletproof Prime), they can serve as either a program on their own or they can be added into your existing regimen. Depending on your goals, you can make some changes. For example, if you’re looking to develop maximum strength, you can do a heavy compound lift like bench press, squat, or deadlift before completing the bulletproofing workout for the day. These larger programs typically take around 30 minutes, considering the involvement of multiple body parts.
  • What else do you offer?
    -Complete personalized programs for anyone. (injury prevention, speed, agility, lifting, conditioning, etc.) -Much more coming soon for Athletes and DBs
  • How do I select which program to go with in The Bulletproof Athlete System?
    If you're unsure, then test each of the Bulletproof Benchmarks and do the Mobility Screening. You’ll be sure to find areas of weakness, imbalances, or a lack of mobility. If you’re like most members, then you probably already know. For example, reoccurring injuries in one area such as an athlete who experiences shoulder problems every season. If you have multiple areas of concern or wish to bulletproof multiple sections of your body, consider the following programs: Full Body Bulletproofing, Upper Body Only, Lower Body Only, or Bulletproof Prime (a combination of everything). For instance, if you're dealing with issues in your ankles, knees, and hamstrings, then your best option is the Lower Body Only program to address all of these issues. With any questions you can always reach out and seek advice. Email:
  • Can I sign up for just one month?
    Yes, you have the option to be a member for only one month if desired. You could learn the exercises, watch the course, and then cancel if needed. However, considering the comprehensive nature of this program, many athletes continue to learn and get substantial value even months after they begin. According to member feedback, one of the most useful features is receiving coaching feedback on exercise video submissions.
  • What equipment do I need?
    The majority of exercises can be performed using your body weight. If you have dumbbells and resistance bands, you can cover nearly all exercises. Some specific routines may involve machines and barbells, but when necessary, feel free to substitute these with alternative exercises. There’s a ton of exercises to select from. You can look under the “Other Exercises" section to select a related movement effortlessly.
  • What is included in this program?
    Explore our diverse program offerings, each featuring comprehensive sections to optimize your training experience: Individual Sections: Each section is its own complete program. Included is Activation Routines, Workouts, Cool-Downs, Bonus Tips and Bonus Exercises. Sections Include: Ankles, Lower Legs, & Feet Knees & Quads Hamstrings & Glutes Groin Hips Core & Lower Back Wrists, Elbows, Arms & Hands Chest Shoulders & Back Neck. Specialty Programs: For those who are looking to Bulletproof more than just one section: Full Body Bulletproofing Upper Body Only Lower Body Only Bulletproof Prime (Highest Rated) In-Season Programming (and more) Bonus Resources: Access additional resources for sprinting, tempo runs, agility workouts, diverse warm-ups, and multiple mobility routines to expand your training variety. Bulletproof Benchmarks: Meet the standards for each body part or you’re putting yourself at a high risk of injury. Mobility Screening: Benefit from mobility screening to assess your body's flexibility, identify imbalances, and discover your personalized areas of focus. Injury Prevention Course: Our course is a masterclass for injury prevention. The 5 modules span over 3 hours of video describing: 12 Reasons Why Injuries Happen 10 Components of Injury Prevention 10 Healthy Living Tips Safe Sport and Contact Mentality of an Injury. Plus: Gain access to personalized coaching & exercise feedback Library of 400+ exercises with videos and text describing each one Easy to use app with easy to follow schedules Any future programs or exercises added are included with your membership
  • What ages can participate?
    This system is for all active individuals, regardless of age or athletic background. If you're under 18, simply email us parental consent. There's no specific age limit, but if you are in very bad physical shape, this is not a starting point. For example, if you can’t go for a jog due to fragility, it's recommended to establish a basic running ability before beginning this program. Simply put, if you never do any athletic movements, this probably isn’t the best starting point as it will be too challenging for you.
  • What makes this different from other programs?
    Our program is the only solution for athletes that addresses every facet of movement and all the challenges you encounter. From sprinting at full speed, executing powerful jumps and landings, facing physical contact, to ensuring flexibility in any position – we've got it all covered. Each body part is meticulously guided through every possible range of motion, not just making you stronger and more mobile, but also enabling fast and agile movements. Our comprehensive approach includes various keys to injury prevention, all detailed in our course. What sets us apart is the depth of our commitment. We go more in depth than any other program out there. Our aim is to provide you with the utmost protection against injuries while transforming your body into an indestructible force capable of handling the stresses of your sport. Unlike most programs designed for a broad audience, such as an 80-year-old rehabilitating their knees, ours is tailored specifically for those who want to run, jump, land, change direction, lift, and live pain-free.
  • Forms of payment accepted?
    We accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. If you encounter any issues, please feel free to reach out via email For our Canadian users, e-transfer is also an option. However, please note that we do not accept cryptocurrency. Additionally, we are open to trade arrangements if you have a product or service to offer.
  • Can I participate, I have been hurt recently?
    Absolutely, once you've been cleared by a professional, focus on staying pain-free through the exercises. You may not be able to perform certain exercises. But in general, being in motion greatly accelerates your recovery, compared to complete rest and traditional recovery methods. If you decide to delay much longer, you’ll risk developing imbalances and further injuries. One of the keys is moving through every type of pain-free range as far as you can right now, and your body will improve over time. You will transform your weakness into strength.
  • Who is this program designed for? / Is this for me?
    Our program is tailored for individuals who embrace an active lifestyle. If you consider yourself an athlete, whether it’s competing in sports or enjoying time playing with the family, this is designed for you. It's not intended for an immobilized 80-year-old with with knee pain. Instead, it's crafted for those who want to experience pain free athletics and are tired of getting hurt. This includes running, jumping, lifting, and maintain an athletic lifestyle without injuries. From professional athletes to a mom who wants to play with her kids without being sore. If you've experienced reoccurring injuries or need to improve your mobility then our program is a necessity. Even if you haven't faced injuries, I urge every athlete who wants to stay healthy to test the Bulletproof Benchmarks, Mobility Screening, and learn all about injury prevention from the course. You’re guaranteed to either find an imbalance or area of weakness that you were unaware of before. Don’t wait until it’s too late.
  • Whats coming next?
    -Rehab programs (For now if you’re cleared by a profession, we still recommend following along with bulletproof programming but be absolutely sure you’re not in pain. -"Bulletproof Essentials" program for those who live very busy lives (prevent 90% of injuries in 10 minutes a day) -Your program will automatically update if new exercises or content is added.

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No plans available

Once there are plans available for purchase, you'll see them here.

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