Who We Are


  • We specialize in training defensive backs and in helping all football players elevate their game while being an exceptional resource for any athlete.
  • Pick 6 Athletics builds superior athletes and shutdown defensive backs who embody greatness and strive for excellence.
  • Through relentless preparation and constant improvement our athletes dominate the competition and achieve success.
  • We are driven to help you reach your full potential and become a next level athlete who stands out.


Founded in 2020 shortly after many athletes had their seasons cancelled, Eric Colonna created Pick 6 Athletics to help athletes develop and continue to improve regardless of their circumstances. Eric has played football for over half his life with experience on both sides of the ball and has always been a defensive back. He is a student of the game who learned directly from from multiple coaches and trainers that played professionally in the NFL, CFL, in Europe, Arena Football, and many in college. Eric has learned a great amount about world class athletic training, has developed a high level football IQ, and knows that success requires a relentless mentality. Eric is currently in his final year at Queen's University and is also studying commerce. Pick 6 Athletics is how Eric will transfer everything that he has learned from his professional coaches, 15 years of experience, and his own extensive research, by creating a plan for you. The goal is, and always has been, to help you reach your dreams and create your legacy.